XYON Men’s Health

In an overcrowded (and sometimes dubious) category, how do you stand out?

Dr. Hasson and Dr. Pimstone knew they had a stellar product and the expertise to back it up. But the hypercompetitive market for men’s hair loss treatments was about as daunting as the actual condition, often beset by ineffective products with troubling side effects.

So we set out to create a Tele-Health brand specializing in hair loss treatments that would convey the scientific credibility of the founders while elevating expectations for what we soon learned would be the best topical hair loss product on the market.

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Building a Brand

We felt that a high end product needed a high end look and feel, and sought to create a brand and visual identity system that emphasized clinical efficacy yet with a sleek and subtly opulent touch.

With the goal of marrying high science and high fashion, we named and created the XYON Health brand, coined from a combination of the biblical promised land, Zion, and the XY chromosome.

Naming the Technology

Our strategy team ideated a number of brand identity features that spoke to the unique product offer, including the tag line, “ScienceApplied,” and the product’s proprietary technology, “SiloxysSystem,” a lipid-based medication-delivery gel developed by founder Dr. Hasson.

Visual System

On the visual side, we used high tech and premium cues to develop a visual system emboldened by a matte black and “XYON Blue” colour scheme, gloss finishes, and modern typefaces. Combining each letter of the brand name, we created a distinctive monogram to give a modern take on the classic brand marker format.

Sustainable Packaging

As a luxury Tele-Health company, XYON needed a classy and sustainable packaging system. We were able to source a unique cap and container made from 50% recycled plastics, outfitted with a precision action pump and safety lock mechanism to ensure the exact medicine dosage with minimal waste. For the outer packaging, we sourced premium quality biodegradable hemp fibre for an unboxing experience both elegant and sustainable.

Digital Touchpoints

XYON Health’s website was always going to be a key touchpoint of consumers’ experience of the brand. Alongside XYON’s digital marketing team and development partner, we designed a premium website that united user accessibility with a bold and daring look and feel that said loud and clear: Welcome to XYON.

Raising the Bar

With an impressive brand architecture and design assets, XYON Health was poised to catch the attention of investors and new consumers alike, all while raising the bar for how hair loss is to be treated, for now and to come.