We are ideas people, researchers, strategists, designers, makers and business thinkers. Above all, we're innovation catalysts.

Don Chisholm | Dossier Creative

Visionary Creative.
Seasoned Sailor.
Change Catalyst.

Don Chisholm

Innovation Director,
Cherihan Hassun | Dossier Creative

Cliff Climber.
Railyard Wrangler.
Super Structure.

Cherihan Hassun

Junior Strategist
Andy Santosa | Dossier Creative

Cool Hand.
Skillful Crafter.
Love Monster.

Andy Santoso

Production Designer
Ella McGregor | Dossier Creative

Results Driver.
Nomadic Kiwi.
Classic Rocker.

Ella McGregor

Senior Project Manager
Arran Murphy | Dossier Creative

Focused Conceptualist.
Quiet Creator.

Arran Murphy


Railyard Lab

Our intern program brings design and business students together to collaborate on meaningful and real-world experiences.

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Patrick Ho | Dossier Creative

Word Traveler.
Global Grazer.
Pun Rocker.

Patrick Ho

Naming, Copy Strategist
Ronna Chisholm | Dossier Creative

Innovation Champion.
Business Futurist.
Social Advocate.

Ronna Chisholm

Business Strategist,
Patrick Smith | Dossier Creative

Intuitive Thinker.
Visual Translator.
Design Leader.

Pat Smith

Creative Director
Anthony Hore | Dossier Creative

Idea Activator.
Culture Kiwi.
Social Heartbeat.

Anthony Hore

Senior Designer
Sara Henshaw | Dossier Creative

Purpose Generator.
Wine Lover.
People Activator.

Sara Henshaw

Managing Director
Alexa Lupul | Dossier Creative

Technical Conjurer.
Road Tripper.
Adobe-Wan Kenobi.

Alexa Lupul

Production and Design
Jamie Graham | Dossier Creative

Creative Coder.
Browser Artist.
Endurance Parent.

Jamie Graham

Digital Lead
Gaby DeSilva | Dossier Creative

Client Whisperer.
Project Shepherd.
Hangry Comic.

Gaby da Silva Hastie

Client Service Director
Reg Dick | Dossier Creative

Problem Fixer.
Consumate Maker.
Hockey-Playin’ Dad.

Reg Dick

Production Director


Calling all integrative thinkers who love to push the boundaries.

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Florin Molovan

Pragmatic Perfectionist.
Polymath Collector.
Joyful Educator.

Florin Moldovan

Production Designer
Jordan Berner | Dossier Creative

Left-Coast Wanderer.
Spreadsheet Master.
Gantt God.

Jordan Berrner

Project Manager
Naomi Mendoza | Dossier Creative

Vision Realizer.
Serial Baker.
Precision Queen.

Naomi Mendoza

Production Designer
David Dunne | Dossier Creative

Innovation Facilitator.
Human Observer.
Touring Cyclist.

David Dunne

Alliance Partner, Design Thinking Educator

We are passionate about cultivating the next generation of design and business thinkers.