We are ideas people, researchers, strategists, designers, makers and business thinkers. Above all, we're innovation catalysts.

Visionary Creative.
Seasoned Sailor.
Change Catalyst.

Don Chisholm

Innovation Director,

Cliff Climber.
Railyard Wrangler.
Super Structure.

Cherihan Hassun

Junior Strategist

Cool Hand.
Skillful Crafter.
Love Monster.

Andy Santoso

Production Designer

Results Driver.
Nomadic Kiwi.
Classic Rocker.

Ella McGregor

Senior Project Manager

Focused Conceptualist.
Quiet Creator.

Arran Murphy


Railyard Lab

Our intern program brings design and business students together to collaborate on meaningful and real-world experiences.

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Word Traveler.
Global Grazer.
Pun Rocker.

Patrick Ho

Naming, Copy Strategist
  • 604.398.3324

Innovation Champion.
Business Futurist.
Social Advocate.

Ronna Chisholm

Business Strategist,

Intuitive Thinker.
Visual Translator.
Design Leader.

Pat Smith

Creative Director

Idea Activator.
Culture Kiwi.
Social Heartbeat.

Anthony Hore

Senior Designer

Purpose Generator.
Wine Lover.
People Activator.

Sara Henshaw

Managing Director

Eager Estimator.
Globe-Trotting Hiker.
Master Clarifier.

Madison Simmons

Senior Project Manager

Technical Conjurer.
Road Tripper.
Adobe-Wan Kenobi.

Alexa Lupul

Production and Design

Creative Coder.
Browser Artist.
Endurance Parent.

Jamie Graham

Digital Lead

Client Whisperer.
Project Shepherd.
Hangry Comic.

Gaby da Silva Hastie

Client Service Director


Calling all integrative thinkers who love to push the boundaries.

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Competitive Chef.
Empathetic Developer.
Restorative Runner.

Emily van Dijk


Problem Fixer.
Consumate Maker.
Hockey-Playin’ Dad.

Reg Dick

Production Director

Vision Realizer.
Serial Baker.
Precision Queen.

Naomi Mendoza

Production Designer

Left-Coast Wanderer.
Spreadsheet Master.
Gantt God.

Jordan Berrner

Project Manager

Innovation Facilitator.
Human Observer.
Touring Cyclist.

David Dunne

Alliance Partner, Design Thinking Educator

We are passionate about cultivating the next generation of design and business thinkers.