We are ideas people, researchers, strategists, designers, makers and business thinkers. Above all, we're innovation catalysts.

Don Chisholm | Dossier Creative

Visionary Creative.
Seasoned Sailor.
Change Catalyst.

Don Chisholm

Innovation Director,
Ronna Chisholm | Dossier Creative

Innovation Champion.
Business Futurist.
Social Advocate.

Ronna Chisholm

Business Director,

Puzzle Solver.
Trail Runner.
Sticky Note Nut.

Alison Cowling

Operations Manager
    Reg Dick | Dossier Creative

    Problem Fixer.
    Consumate Maker.
    Hockey-Playin’ Dad.

    Reg Dick

    Production Director
    Patrick Ho | Dossier Creative

    Word Traveler.
    Global Grazer.
    Pun Rocker.

    Patrick Ho

    Naming, Copy Strategist

    Railyard Lab

    Our intern program brings design and business students together to collaborate on meaningful and real-world experiences.

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    Gaby DeSilva | Dossier Creative

    Client Whisperer.
    Project Shepherd.
    Hangry Comic.

    Gaby da Silva Hastie

    Client Service Director

    Immaculate Implementor.
    Casual Camper.
    Chaos Controller.

    Jodie Palmer

    Project Manager
    Lindsey Green

    Ideas Mastermind.
    Backpacking Adventurer.
    Plant Obsessive.

    Lindsey Green

    Design Director
    Andy Santoso | Dossier Creative

    Cool Hand.
    Skillful Crafter.
    Playful Introvert.

    Andy Santoso

    Production Designer
    Naomi Mendoza | Dossier Creative

    Vision Realizer.
    Serial Baker.
    Precision Queen.

    Naomi Mendoza

    Production Designer
    David Dunne | Dossier Creative

    Innovation Facilitator.
    Human Observer.
    Touring Cyclist.

    David Dunne

    Alliance Partner, Design Thinking Educator

    We are passionate about cultivating the next generation of design and business thinkers.