Time Family of Wines

How to reposition a brand with an eye to heritage and the future?

TIME Family of Wine was always a brand inspired and enriched by time: past, present and future. Which is part of the reason we felt honoured to help reposition a brand so steeped in legacy yet ambitious for future growth. Founded as TIME Estate Winery by BC wine mogul Harry McWatters, the brand had taken on the history of stellar Okanagan wine while positioned to stand as a premier leader and destination of the world-class wine region. But as new owners Rob and Shelley Mayert sought to grow the business and honour its heritage, we were enlisted to help them bring new energy to the winery.

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Building a Family

In creating two new consumer brands and a venue brand under the repositioned parent company, TIME Family of Wine, we were inspired by the overarching theme of time: both in the sense of “time well spent” with friends and family, as well as the “test of time” through craft and patience required to develop the best wines.

Time Crowns All

Named after the Greek word for time, Chronos is the winery’s standard-bearer, with top-quality Okanagan varietals, blends, special releases, and, in homage to the brand’s founder and heritage, the McWatters Collection. With a visual identity honing in on the motif of circles as part of the label’s graphics and letterforms, we wanted the brand to emphasize the cyclical role of time in developing excellent wines and lasting connections, again and again.

In the Moment

Next came Evolve Cellars, refreshed from an existing TIME brand to reflect an evolution of the senses in the here and now: evolving into the moment by enjoying every second of it. Again, we utilized the TIME Family’s signature circles, this time in a vertical axis to evoke the alignment of the senses with the present moment: a kind of visual metaphor for raising a glass to life.

Time to Dine

Finally, we created the all new venue brand, OROLO Kitchen + Cocktail Bar. Coined from “horology,” the study of time, we saw OROLO as a chance to extend the Family themes of time well-cherished to a physical space combined with excellent food and premium wines. Executed perfectly by designers Evelyn Roberts and Ajo Grandbois, OROLO opened in the spring of 2023, and the restaurant is already well on its way to becoming a key location for casual luxury dining and tasting experiences in the heart of downtown Penticton. It’s truly a rare pleasure to see a brand concept come to life so beautifully. A treat, like time.