True Leaf

Returning the Love through Hemp-Based and Cannabis Pet Products

As advocates for pet health, True Leaf has always known about the health benefits associated with CBD and hemp. Since 2013, True Leaf has been bringing this goodness to our pets. With the changing climate and regulations around cannabis and hemp-based products, True Leaf is poised to become a global leader in hemp-focused pet supplements.

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From Grassroots to Consumer Boom

Traditionally entrenched in a grassroots aesthetic of hemp, True Leaf knew they needed a shift in positioning and visual identity. We focused on education and research, while balancing a strong sense of warmth and personality required for an engaging consumer brand.

The Value of Research

Through quantitative consumer research, we were able to identify the barriers for purchasing hemp-based products, clarify brand positioning, and focus our attention on a younger audience who consider themselves ‘pet parents’. This clarity on relationships helped inform the underpinning brand values and customer needs.

Return the Love

The brand ethos of creating natural supplements for the wellbeing of our pets is artfully articulated in the tagline ‘Return the Love’. This puts the consumers and their pets at the heart of the True Leaf brand.

A Brand Name to be Proud Of

Inspired by honesty and transparency, the True Leaf name talks directly to the natural ingredients of their products and the brand value of authenticity. The logo mark is a bold expression of this, bringing forward the dynamic, confident and passionate nature of the brand while staying true to the organic, natural products they offer.

Packaged for Growth

We developed a bold visual identity to express the brand’s playful character. The dynamic illustrations tap into the preventative and active maintenance mindset and focus on showing dogs enjoying life to the fullest. The new packaging helps propel True Leaf as a global leader in hemp-focused supplements for our pets.

‘Unleashing’ the Brand

We partnered with True Leaf to build an awe-inspiring environment to launch the brand at the Global Pet Expo trade-show in Florida, 2019. With a customer experience that stood tall above competitors and truly represented who True Leaf are and their vision, they are set up to become leaders in this new and exciting space.