Launching Innovation for Captivating the Cannabis Consumer Category

As established and experienced beverage experts with their own bottling facility and pristine fresh water spring in Bridesville, BC, BevCanna jumped on the opportunity to align itself with the changing landscape of the cannabis industry and focus on THC and CBD-based beverages.

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Insights + Infusions

As design venture partners with BevCanna, we were able to gain deep insight into the infused beverage category and its projected growth. We brought our expertise in operations to help procure and set up the bottling lines. We created cornerstone values with business and strategic objectives that will help Bevcanna achieve their vision in a dynamic category filled with potential.

Changing Perceptions

The growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis has opened a window of opportunity in the minds of consumers. We aligned BevCanna’s offering to heighten the quality of life for people by creating mindful innovations that disrupt conventional thinking with consumer-relevant THC and CBD-infused beverages.

Aligning Investors

As a now public company on the CSE stock market, we helped develop compelling communications to attract investors. BevCanna offers shareholders an early-stage opportunity to invest in the emerging cannabis beverage market.

The team at Dossier have been invaluable partners to BevCanna. From exceptional design and brand development, to navigating opportunities within a highly regulated category, we are confident the work will catapult us to the forefront of the category.

Emma Andrew, Chief Commercialization Officer, BevCanna

Crave-Worthy Beverage Brands

Whether it’s for BevCanna’s in-house brands or working closely with their white-label clients to realize their own vision, we created and launched a diverse range of highly-customizable products that appeal to a variety of target markets (from value to craft, and premium positioning).

The Next Generation of Cannabis

With unmatched expertise, world-class infrastructure and proven technology, BevCanna is developing and launching premium, innovative, cannabinoid-infused beverages that cater to the next generation of cannabis consumer.