Trace Beverages

Identifying an Exciting Opportunity

Trace Beverages, owned by Naturo Group had an excellent product but the market didn’t understand it. Its initial product positioning as a “black water” was simply not desirable. It also missed articulating some of the great features of the product and the opportunity to position the brand as a functional beverage versus water.

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Trace Beverages Label Design | Dossier Creative | Functional Beverages
Trace Beverages Logo Design | Dossier Creative | Functional Beverages

Consumer Research Learnings

Guiding our client through consumer research, our intuition to reposition was confirmed. It was clear that we needed to focus our work not only on defining the overall Trace brand but to clearly educate the distinct advantages of fulvic and humic minerals.

Trace Beverages Fulvic and Humic | Dossier Creative | Functional Beverages
Trace Beverages tagline | Dossier Creative | Functional Beverages

Design Venture Partnership

As a vested venture partner in Naturo Group, we bring both our business and design expertise to create and grow the firm’s portfolio of beverages. From ongoing consumer product goods (CPG) consultation, investor and sales channel presentations to brand, packaging, communications and digital design – we are on top of the big picture and the creative details.

Re-defined as a collection of revitalizing beverages that meet the demands for cleansing, concentrate shots and hydration through daily use.

Trace Beverages | DeMarr Carrol | Dossier Creative | Functional Beverages

Revitalize Your Day, Every Day.

Trace is attracting great attention from both investors and fans alike. NBA player, DeMarre Carroll is one celebrity we had the privilege of meeting and art directing a photo shoot within our studio. Very cool tall guy!

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Trace Beverages Trade Show Design | Dossier Creative | Functional Beverages