Jackson-Triggs Wines

Revitalizing a Legacy

Jackson-Triggs is Canada’s largest wine brand, shipping over 2.5 million cases annually.

A recognizable brand to most Canadians, our distinct JT logomark design is prominent across this comprehensive, and much-loved, multi-tier wine portfolio.

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Jackson Triggs Icon | Dossier Creative | Revitalizing a Legacy
Jackson Triggs Wine Label Design | Dossier Creative | Revitalizing a Legacy

Celebrating Winemaking Through Environmental Design

For the creation of Jackson-Trigg’s wine-tasting gallery and retail boutique in BC’s Okanagan region, our environmental design showcased the surrounding geography for a unique wine-tasting experience. We chose to prominently feature natural elements of stone, wood and metal for an authentic yet sophisticated setting.

Jackson Triggs Signage | Dossier Creative | Revitalizing a Legacy