Panaji Naan

How to attract—and inspire—new consumers to new culinary adventures?

Inspired by the Indian city of Panaji, the riverside gem known for its historical Portuguese influence and distinct Indo-Portuguese architectural style, Crust Craft had a vision for their Panaji Naan brand to elevate taste experiences with a spirit of adventure: a getaway for the senses. And, as they began expanding their retail offerings across Canada and the United States, they teamed up with us for a complete brand refresh.

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Show It Off

We developed an all new Panaji wordmark and visual architecture across existing SKU’s, dressed in bright, diverse colours to reflect the brand’s enthusiasm for culinary fusion. To top it off, each product variety featured a unique wildlife illustration inspired by India’s folk and tribal art traditions, befitting of a brand rooted in a spirit of creativity and cross-cultural collaboration. All combined with transparent packaging to showcase the delicious product, Panaji’s authentic-tasting naan was all set to pop on any shelf.

Share the Yum

In 2023, as Crust Craft began shopping Panaji to new retailers, we designed their trade show booth, demonstrating their naan’s unique versatility and shareable appeal for new buyers and consumers alike. Naan with falafel? Yes, please.