Ritchie-Smith Feeds

How to take B2B to B2C—with heart?

Longtime B2B frontrunners in British Columbia’s animal feed industry, Ritchie-Smith Feeds had yet to bring their expertise in animal nutrition to consumers. That all changed during the pandemic, when, whether out of boredom or anxiety, many people found an outlet in backyard farming. With a steadily growing number of potential consumers and their beloved chicks, lambs, rabbits and more, Ritchie-Smith enlisted our help to create three all new consumer brands.

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Speaking Up

In the animal feed category’s rather dated packaging landscape, few brands venture beyond the functional benefits of their product, resulting in a market that generally feels clinical and impersonal. For a demographic of consumers who love their backyard animals as much as pets, there was ample market space for a brand voice that could capture their affection with earnest and knowledgeable candour. 

Meet the Gang

With that in mind, we created three new brands within the Ritchie-Smith Feeds umbrella, all geared to the unique needs of consumers and their animals.


First, Chatterbox, a premium poultry feed inspired by chickens, geese, and turkeys in all their healthy, chatty chaos. Cluck! Bawk! The chicks dig this feed.


Then, Harmony, for premium equine feed optimized for diverse nutrition needs, and taking storytelling cues from the elegant, timeless partnership between humans and horses. Because health is all about harmony.


And finally, the Ritchie-Smith consumer line for specialty feeds and grains, displayed with a classic poise befitting the longevity and expertise of the trusted parent brand. 

Designed from Bag to Pallet

As always, there’s a lot to take into account to fully realize our designs as intended. Informed by Ritchie-Smith’s equipment line and manufacturing process from grain to bag to pallet, we consulted suppliers to ensure the package designs were suited to both in-store displays and Ritchie-Smith’s pallet configurations.

Internet Friends

Last but not least, Ritchie-Smith’s brands needed a compelling digital presence for their passionate consumer community. We designed a website to intuitively house all brands within the Ritchie-Smith family, complete with in-depth nutritional information and social media links to the newest expert tips and goings-on in their communities. Including the occasional video of a baby chick. Just adorable.