NEXE Innovations

How to disrupt the present for a better future?

With coffee being one of the world’s most popular beverages, it is no surprise that it comes with a hefty environmental cost. In particular, single-use coffee pods have seen a fair share of the blame for their contribution to extra waste, usually in the form of aluminum or plastic made from fossil fuels. So, when G-Pak Technology came to us with an innovative compostable coffee pod, we knew they had a promising product–and a potentially disruptive one.

Brand Design / /

Strategy? Check. Name? Check.

Originally founded in 2015, G-Pak Technology had prototyped their plant-based coffee pod, initially named G-Pod, with a 3D printer, and they asked us to brand the new product. Recognizing that their compostable, single-use material could be extended to a variety of plastic-replacing products–from water bottles to microwavable containers–we advised them on renaming and rebranding their operating company as Nexe Innovations, with their flagship product the Nexe Pod.

A Leading Look

Having settled on a name hinting at their industry-leading potential, we designed the Nexe brand wordmark with a sleek, modern look. A subtle leaf-like shape on the letter “x” alludes to their use of plant-based materials and their commitment to protecting the planet. Combined with coining their tagline, “rethink what’s possible,” we helped set up Nexe to succeed.

Creating Tomorrow

Today, with their recent public offering and a new facility open in Windsor, Ontario, Nexe Innovations are well on their way to redefining the future of everyday products with plant-based compostable material.

While consumers, governments and municipal leaders have much work ahead to ensure biodegradable single-serve products are responsibly disposed of in properly-equipped industrial composters, rather than ending up in landfills, Nexe Innovations are paving the way for a greener tomorrow.