MO Fruitsecco

Our M.O. is all about Capturing Natural Goodness

BC Tree Fruits wanted to shake up the market for ready-to-drink beverages by creating a new drink category: the Fruitsecco. An apple-based alcoholic beverage created in the classic Prosecco style. The sparkling beverage is crafted from locally sourced ingredients in an uncommonly dry fashion.

Back-to-Nature Consumers

Consumer research focused our attention on the need to create a brand that was simple and clean. A back-to-nature inspired beverage with low sugar and real, locally-sourced ingredients, crafted to perfection that was seen as highly desirable.

What’s your M.O.?

Inspired by truncating the word ‘movement’ – Modus Operandi, or M.O. – is the way the brand operates. It’s the no nonsense, simple, straight-forward nature of the brand.

Clean Graphics

The brand and packaging design reinforced the simplicity of the ingredients list. Each varietal only has 3 key ingredients blended together to create perfection. The focal graphic visualized this concept through pattern and colour to cleanly showcase the paired-down approach of the brand.

A Successful Leap

With its launch in summer 2019, M.O. was picked up by BC Liquor Stores and over 40 independently licensed outlets in British Columbia. As a crafted zero sugar, low-calorie alternative in the ready-to-drink category, M.O. is primed to carve out it’s new category for authentic and healthy, sparkling alcohol beverages.