Amica Mature Lifestyles

Thoughtfully Repositioning Futures

Our relationship with Amica began when the publicly-traded company was known as Ishtar Seniors Communities. At the time, Ishtar was focused purely on being a facilities provider for seniors living.

We wanted to shift them toward something more meaningful.

Brand Creation /

Amica Logo Design | Dossier Creative | Repositioning of Senior Communities

A Luxury Experience

Through high-level strategy work, we transformed the company’s purpose, and re-positioned them as a network of luxury seniors residences with the same level of design and services shared by prestigious hotels.

A Refocus to Lifestyle and Relationships

We renamed the company Amica, inspired by the Latin word for caring and friendship. This, combined with their new descriptor “Mature Lifestyles”, underscored Amica’s new goal of providing the best quality-of-life for their residents.

Solidifying the “Amica Way”

We helped formalize Amica’s guiding principles and brand pillars in the “Amica Way,” bringing strategic clarity to the company’s future and how the brand behaves.

Amica was sold in 2015 for $578 million. Following the sale, we worked with Founder and Chairman, Samir Manji, to brand his new real estate private equity firm, Sandpiper.

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