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A Toast to the Virtues of Being Small!

In Vancouver to showcase the launch of their new look at this year’s Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) annual trade show, The Little Potato Company joined us at the Vancouver Urban Winery for an fun night celebrating the culmination of our collaborative work on their re-brand.

We sampled the Sommelier’s choice of wines and artisanal food pairings surrounded by beautiful oak casks and 24-foot ceilings. The venue provided the perfect ambience to kick back and celebrate more than a few project highlights – and there were many! Most notable perhaps was the journey itself.

Just like regular potatoes, small potatoes is a category with minimal brand awareness. Looking to reinvigorate and transform their brand’s profile, which had remained untouched for nearly 10 years, LPC came to us in the summer of 2012 to kick off a two-year engagement.

To offer consumers better explanations on the differences between its varieties and why they should choose The Little Potato Company, we set out to redefine their brand positioning and developed a tiered brand architecture strategy. This led to the creation of a new identity program and innovative packaging system that included a convenient 1.5-lb bag structure.

The end result is an eye-catching packaging portfolio backed by a compelling brand message that clearly communicates the uniqueness and wholesome goodness of LPC’s fresh creamer potatoes.

Sharing her thoughts on the journey, Angela Santiago, LPC co-founder and CEO, reflected:

The moment I met your company, I knew you were the agency I wanted to work with. The experience with you guys was wonderfully fabulous. Two years went by just like that and most of all, it was fun! We are super excited by our re-brand and will to continue to work together again in the future in the value-add phase.

Angela Santiago, LPC Co-Founder and CEO

Indeed time flew by, which made the journey all the more remarkable considering what we managed to accomplish together. Sweeter still is the overwhelmingly positive reception that has greeted LPC’s re-brand. From CPMA to landing lucrative accounts with both Safeway and Sam’s Club in the US, LPC is now poised to exceed sale projections affirming the value of strategic thinking, good design and a smart partnership based on trust and experimentation.