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Naked Grape Refresh

Then designer now creative director, Patrick Smith was nostalgic about revisiting the brand, which he identifies as one of Dossier’s greatest successes. Having birthed the brand, the prospect of evolving the current packaging to drive trial and consumption amongst non-users while maintaining its loyal consumer base was a meaningful challenge.

Working on one of the most successful Canadian brands in history, the design team had many important considerations, including:

How might we evolve the iconic grape, which is the brand’s strongest asset?

How might we modernize the full packaging line-up in a way that would appeal new users and elevate its shelf presence?

The end result is a refreshed, brand-focused packaging line-up that showcases vibrant, flavour-forward labels, contemporary quality cues and elevates the iconic grape. The new look has now launched across Canada. Take a look the next time you are in your local liquor store. Better yet, pick one up and savour one of Canada’s most enduring wine brands.

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