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Welcoming the New Railyard Cohort

The new Railyard cohort – Jessica, Dan, Elsa and Robert – joined the Dossier team last Monday, and since then they have become involved in various client projects unique to the Railyard team. These projects involve design research, brand strategy, brand design and website design. Here is a little background about the projects they are already participating in and the associated enthusiasm from our industry partners and clients.

An exciting project that the entire Railyard crew is involved in is a very unique Canadian housing project. The client team of this project are especially excited to have input from the Railyard millennials. This week, the team participated in an I:X (Intelligence Exchange) session with the clients who flew in for an 8am early morning start ! It was a great opportunity to see Dossier’s branding process in action.

Dan and Elsa are currently researching the state of technological innovation and implementation in the healthcare industry. Their insight will be used by a healthcare organization looking to best introduce technology into their process and practice.

Robert will hopefully be leading a design refresh project for a non-profit organization that builds water systems in Africa. The organization is hoping to appeal to a younger donor audience with their brand refresh and they thought the youthful Railyard team would be perfect for this job.

Dan, who has extensive experience in website development and design, has been busy helping the Dossier team finalize the new Dossier website. While on the topic of websites, Jessica is currently managing the social media for Railyard and Dossier with additional contributions from the Railyard team – check it out @RailyardLab and @dossiercreative

Jessica and Elsa are currently taking the Acumen course to help a social enterprise company design a process to effectively measure their impact. An intriguing challenge and so important for non-profit organizations who need to effectively communicate this.

That’s not all, there are a couple more projects that the team will be picking up as we move through the following months. If you are interested in learning more about the Railyard Lab and past projects, check out their website and their blog for more information about the current Railyard cohort.

Written by Jessica Beketa, posted by Ronna Chisholm.