Creating Street Appeal for Elite Supplements

Vitalere was originally created to optimize the performance of Major League Baseball players. From there, we focused on furthering the brand proposition to connect with serious recreational athletes who were looking for clean, plant-based products. Our design and packaging work reinforced Vitalere’s effectiveness and pedigree.

Brand Creation /

Consumer Research for Compelling Levers

We interviewed athletically-focused consumers, probing their desires, helping us create a line of multiple products to enhance athletic performance including Modus protein, Power On, Power Off and Power Balance.

Modus: The Name Begins the Story

We developed the name Modus as a succinct introduction to the brand. The name conveys key aspects of the brand as a method, standard and measure for developing the right supplement to fit each sport.

As the frontrunner for the brand, Modus protein introduced Vitalere to the world as a credible, effective, plant-based supplement brand.

The project was born from the needs of elite-level pro athletes, who were seeking a better and clean source of protein.

Modus Packaging | Dossier Creative | Nutrition Protein

Compelling Product System

The Power System (Power On and Power Off) was created to enhance the body’s natural neurotransmitters in the brain. We created a clean and effective packaging architecture to visualize the product benefits: from creating focus and energy, to enhancing calmness for a good night’s rest.

Power On Packaging | Dossier Creative | Nutrition Protein