The Little Potato Company

Big Returns for Small Potatoes

The Little Potato Company is a family-owned Canadian company with a mission to “Feed the World Better.” Two decades after planting a single acre and washing the harvest by hand in the founder’s bathtub, the company set out to change how people think about potatoes.

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Little Potato Company Angela Santosa | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration
Little Potato Company Innovation and Strategy | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration

Starting with People

To ignite an ambitious growth plan, we first conducted country-wide research to better understand consumer perceptions of the brand and product category.

Transforming a Commodity into Premium Products

Immersing ourselves in potato tastings, flavour ideas, and new concepts for packaging and retail, we worked closely with senior management to strategize and implement their innovation roadmap.

Little Potato Company Tasting Session | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration

The new brand and product innovation created by Dossier allowed our company to significantly increase US market penetration and brand awareness, doubling our revenue and profits in just over two years.

Richard Vann, VP of Marketing and Product Innovation

Fun and Nutritious, Not Boring

Each varietal and product needed a fun and nutritious name that reflected the company’s mandate to change the way people feel about little potatoes. Each design aligns with the overall brand strategy and ensures consumers understand the actual size of the potatoes.

Little Potato Company Packaging Design | Fingerlings | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration
Little Potato Company Brand Standards | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration

People in Plants

Engaging employees was our goal in designing Little Potato Company’s new 57,000 ft2 facility near Madison, Wisconsin. Our space design communicates the story from farm to fork and reveals the people at the heart of the brand.

Little Potato Company Branded Environments | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration
Little Potato Company Branded Environment | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration
Little Potato Company Packaging Innovation | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration

In-Depth Innovation

As an innovation partner, it’s our job to think down to the myriad of details that continuously push the company forward. This includes ongoing logistics like equipment procurement, viability assessments, operations and project management.

Little Potato Company Recipe | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration

The Greater Good

We are proud to be a valued partner to a company who is truly passionate about family, nutrition and the greater good that potatoes can offer our world. We didn’t know we could become so passionate about little potatoes!

Little Potato Company Farmer | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration
Little Potato Company Tagline | Dossier Creative | Brand Collaboration