Soma Craft Cider

Celebrating Creative Spirit

Following the sale of their digital learning tool to Disney, the Krysco family decided to invest in a property on the picturesque Kelowna B.C. hillside. With a mandated dual purpose of having an agricultural output and a beautiful boutique hotel offering, Dossier was engaged to help bring to life the family’s vision of creating a craft cidery experience on the property.

Brand Creation /

Naming Creative Excellence

At its core, we learned that the innovative resort-experience would be a place for productive creativity. Our brand strategy focused on the wider creative community and the spirit of the land, providing a place and a mantra for creative excellence. The name we created, Soma, was created as an acronym for Sustaining Orchard, Music and Arts. It also refers to an offering to the gods: an intoxicating drink in the Verdic traditions of India.

A Hub for Design

The design of the brand and cider packaging was inspired by the physical place — a hub for connection and community and a focal point for artists of all calibre to meet and grow. The gold circle represents the resort-estate while the different artistic renditions of the apple are interchangeable to reflect the dynamic spirit of the community.