Urban Barn

Evolving a Canadian Retail Brand

With nearly 30 years of success as a Canadian retailer and 55 stores across the country, Urban Barn turned to Dossier to evolve its brand and create a cohesive experience that would appeal to current and future customers.

In a sector experiencing dramatic change and increased competition, Urban Barn wanted a brand that would stay relevant. Over a 6-month period, Dossier worked closely with Urban Barn’s leadership team, facilitating a series of brand strategy discussions to explore the company’s positioning, differentiation and story.

Brand Design /

A Point of Contrast

The tension inherent in the name Urban Barn inspired the brand evolution. Dossier scaled the contrast between the contemporary and rustic to develop a strategy that pays homage to the urban contemporary and modern rustic character of the brand.

“Right at Home”

Urban Barn was keen for Dossier to craft a unifying brand story, and develop the structure needed for consistent communication. We created tools like the Visual Identity Guidelines to ensure the vocabulary, key messaging and “Right at Home” tag line are expressed in the same brand voice across diverse media.

Tension is good and necessary. It’s at the heart of design. The key is finding the right equilibrium.

Brand Strategy, Visual System and Standards

Informed by the new strategy, Urban Barn’s brand identity and visual system emerged, underpinned by the desire to create a unique space at the intersection of design and our home.

An Artful Collaboration

Wasting no time to implement their revitalized brand identity strategy across Canada, Urban Barn tapped Dossier for multimedia art direction. Dossier art directed photo and video shoots for their new look book, provided visual strategy for website and social media, and identified a local illustrator to create a custom set of Urban Barn illustrations.