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West Meets West: Dossier Joins ZGM

Sustainable food, inspiring a new generation of business and design leaders, and other reasons why ZGM and Dossier are now bffs.

After months of behind-the-scenes talk and negotiations, it is with nothing but excitement that we announce Dossier’s acquisition by ZGM Modern Marketing Partners, one of Canada’s largest independent marketing and communications agencies.

“Over the past 36 years, Dossier has made a number of strides to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients on their unique journeys to success. By joining the ZGM group, we have made another significant stride to strengthen the depth of our service offerings and to continue to build success for our clients.”
— Don Chisholm, Dossier, Co-Founder & Creative Director

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bolster our services with ZGM’s marketing expertise in building brands that have an impact. This acquisition allows us to continue focusing on what we do best, while giving us and our clients access to a larger repertoire of marketing, advertisement, and digital communications services.

What this means for Dossier internally is pretty much nothing. Dossier will still be Dossier. Still headquartered in Vancouver. Still helmed by the same +30-years-and-running leadership.

"We are beyond excited to be working alongside Dossier. This is going to be a great next chapter for us all. Dossier is a storied firm in the industry, and we are incredibly grateful to Don and Ronna for trusting us with their legacy."
— Dan King, ZGM, Partner & President

Most importantly, with Dossier’s award-winning background in creating brands in the food & beverage category, this acquisition allows us to lend our expertise to a cause we’re all passionate about: creating a sustainable food system for generations to come. This decade must be a turning point. And with ZGM’s partnership with Ethical Food Group/Ethical Food Fund, a two-pronged marketing and investment initiative to help brands with a mission to save the planet succeed, we’ll be able to better contribute our services to a cause that the future literally depends on. We want to help make food forever, too.

“As a business decision this makes all the sense in the world for both entities, as well as the communities we serve in Western Canada. Don and I are very excited to grow our team and scale new Railyard Lab chapters in Alberta, a natural step forward for our goal of driving social impact and providing young designers and business professionals a unique internship opportunity for meaningful work.”
— Ronna Chisholm, Dossier, Co-Founder & Business Director

In short, expect more of the same, just a little better. Create the Unseen.

For more information refer to ZGM’s announcement. Or if you would like to reach us directly, feel free to contact Don at or Ronna at