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Touchpoint 2016

Every year SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) holds a conference called “Touchpoint” featuring cutting edge agencies and up-and-coming tech firms doing amazing work in design. We’ve enjoyed attending this conference over the years and hearing from a variety of different professionals in the field including from Twitter, Teague and Digital Kitchen. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, hear about different approaches to design and meet passionate students.

In addition to the conference, organizations have an opportunity to meet talented students seeking experience in the field. In the past, in every single Railyard Lab cohort, we’ve hired at least 1-2 SIAT students who exemplify passion and skills in visual design and strategic thinking. We’re always impressed by the calibre of the students that come out of the program, which is probably why they’re recruited by the likes of Google and Facebook.


Don, Dossier's co-founder, had the opportunity to speak at one of SIAT's Touchpoint conferences in previous years. Now it's time for Patrick Smith, who recently moved into the role of creative director, to take the stage.

Patrick, originally from Australia, has presented the world with brands such as Naked Grape, Bodacious, The Little Potato Company and Westin Napa. He’s a designer that pushes for perfection, is meticulous in execution and has a knack for capturing a client’s eye. At Touchpoint, he’ll be speaking about his two-decade experience in graphic design what it’s like to work on two different ends of the globe, projects he’s proud of and what’s coming up for Dossier in 2016.