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Avoiding Creative Burnout

Working in the creative industry is a blessing, you get to come up with fun new ideas daily, solve some really interesting problems, and learn a lot about a bunch of random industries through your clients. But it can have its downfalls if you don’t look after yourself, like creative burnout.

So what is burnout? Burnout is a state of total exhaustion that not only effects you emotionally, but also physically, mentally, and creatively. It happens when you work yourself too hard. It also happens as a result of being stressed for long periods of time. It makes you feel like you have nothing left to give and that there are no new or exciting ideas left in your mind.

But not to worry, Dossier have some sure fire ways to avoid burnout and to keep you fuelled and running at your best.

Take Breaks

Small daily coffee breaks, long extended vacations, or afternoon adventures to art galleries. Taking breaks are a necessity for refilling the creative batteries. Getting away from your computer or the project at hand will help realign your perspective. These can be small or large, either way the key is to step way from the work.

Be Social

This one seems kind of obvious, right? But it’s often under used. When we say be social we mean both at work and at home. By having a group of people you can rely on when thing get tough will help alleviate all kinds of stress. Your work colleagues can be a great source for sharing the load, conceptualizing ideas, and getting feedback.

One of the biggest concerns I had as a young designer was feeling the pressure to deliver the perfect solution for all my projects.

Make Time for Critiques

One of the biggest concerns I had as a young designer was feeling the pressure to deliver the perfect solution for all my projects. Over time I learned that the best pieces of work I had achieved were through collaborating with my peers, seeking feedback from nearly anyone who would give me their two cents worth of advice, and having an open mind to advice and direction. By providing time for critiques with others you will be surprised at the fun turns a project can take. And most importantly this will take the proverbial ‘weight off your shoulders’.

Have a Clearly Defined Process

I know this doesn’t sound all that exciting but having a super well thought through plan of attack will save you when times get hard. This includes having a strong timeline with key deliverable dates, both internally with your peers or creative director and externally with your clients, a super thorough brief which lists exactly what you’ve agreed to deliver for the client, and a break down of your hours so you know how long to spend on each part of the project. By having all your ducks lined up means you are only ever working towards the nearest stage gate, working away at a project one little piece at a time.

Look After Your Health

Finally make sure to look after your own personal and mental health as best you can. Find a sport or activity outside of work that brings you passion and do lots of it. Eat healthy, get lots of sleep and you will keep your body and mind running at its best.