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Are there better sustainable packaging options?

This is part one of a two part series on our collaboration with UVic’s MBA class to influence direction and inspiration in our Net Positive initiative.

Net Positive is an internal initiative we’ve been working on at Dossier over the past year in hopes of developing a strategy and service offering for providing clients and consumers with better sustainable packaging options. We are still in the early stages of gathering insights from a variety of different stakeholders—the most important considerations being how users interact with packaging already in the market and the design constraints clients face when developing new packaging.

To answer some of these questions we were fortunate enough to engage UVic’s MBA class in the fall 2015 semester for some exploratory work on 8 different stakeholder groups (featured below). We were very thankful for the amount of effort and passion all the students displayed in helping us along in our work—they led us to developing even more meaningful questions and new directions to go in for developing a sound strategy.

Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will take you through the important questions and considerations we came out with after reviewing the students’ work including more details about what we found and where we would like to go.