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Gaby da Silva Hastie

Client Service Manager

Working with a bunch of freewheeling creatives who sometimes think that time is a flexible concept must be challenging, but Gaby thrives on it. She is extremely disciplined, managing multiple projects from start to finish with her rock-star scheduling skills. Through it all, she makes sure we all toe the line, while keeping clients informed of relevant developments. Gaby is also our chief celebration officer, responsible for orchestrating celebrations around birthdays, babies, and brand launches. We can always count on her to throw her heart into honouring our people and achievements. Gaby is a force to be reckoned with… in the most positive way. She’s spirited, articulate, and smart, and she does everything it takes to get the job done. Born in Mozambique and raised in Vancouver, Gaby speaks fluent Portuguese. Her positive spirit is not confined only to office hours – she’s just as enthusiastic when spending quality time with her two daughters.

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