Pulo Philippine Cuisine

A Fusion of Cuisine, Business and Design

Pulo Philippine Cuisine is a design venture we launched across Canada in collaboration with Corinthian Foods. We discovered that despite the large Filipino population in North America, the flavourful food was underrepresented in grocery channels and largely unavailable to the mainstream consumer.

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Creating Accessible Flavours

Filipino food has a long history of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Spanish influences, which is why it’s considered one of the first fusion cuisines. Marrying brand and product, we started with product development, designing a line of marinades and cooking sauces.

A Big Brand Strategy

As the product was simmering, we started to envision the brand strategy.  We created the Pulo name and brand story, weaving it through touchpoints from packaging and tradeshow booths to the website and marketing collateral.

Pulo is the Filipino word for ‘Island.’ The brand story celebrates the cultural diversity and fusion heritage found among its 7000-plus islands.

An Innovative Launch

Pulo was recognized as one of the most innovative brands at launch, winning the Grand Prix New Product Award from the Retail Council of Canada. Retailers and distributors loved the concept, packaging and taste of the product. Pulo’s acceptance into national grocery chains has been high, with even more markets emerging.