Earth’s Own

Potential in Plant-Based Beverages

Earth’s Own first came to us in the mid-2000’s to name and brand their first rice-based product innovation. Ryza was launched in 2005 and shortly after rolled out to the US.

Recognizing the growing appeal of almond milk, Earth’s Own approached us to name and brand a unique product concept — an almond and dairy beverage.  Amore launched in 2012 with bold package and light-hearted, fun TV commercials.   

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Earths Own | Ryza and Amore | Dossier Creative | Plant-Based Consumer Packaging
Earths Own So Fresh | Dossier Creative | Plant-Based Consumer Packaging

The Staggering Growth of Almond Milk

The growth in plant-based milks in North America has been nothing short of staggering — growing from virtually zero in the mid-2000’s to over $1 billion in 2016. The global market for dairy-alternative milks is expected to top $18 billion in 2018 with almond milk leading the way and boasting US sales growth of 250% in the past 5 years.

Navigating a Rapid-Growth Category

Since 2012, as plant-based milks surged and waves of new products hit the market, we continue to work closely with the Earth’s Own marketing team.

Navigating opportunities for on-shelf appeal in a category prone to sales discounts, we branded and re-staged the company’s flagship brands – So Nice, So Good and So Fresh. 

In a continually evolving category, our team has developed an array of packaging for existing and new products including soy, almond, oat, cashew, coconut and organic beverages in various formats.

Earths Own So Nice Packaging | Dossier Creative | Plant-Based Consumer Packaging