Brand and Innovation

We deliver value by breathing life into the new, revitalizing the old, and supporting ideal conditions for change.

We specialize in both branding and innovation. For 20+ years, we’ve been  creating value for our clients by birthing new brands, revitalizing existing ones, and developing engaging brand experiences. We also recognize the growing need to innovate, and as innovation catalysts, we help identify opportunities for transformation.


Creating emotional brands that endure is something we do exceptionally well.

Our history and success in brand creation is marked by the birth and rebirth of hundreds of brands across a variety of industries, including food and beverage, retail, finance, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and the social sector.

We understand that brands are valuable assets, but they’re also very human. A brand has a life; it has a birth, a name, a personality, and other distinct characteristics. Like a person, a brand communicates, interacts and grows, and it requires nurturing to reach its full potential.

Our brand DNA approach considers these human qualities, blending research, strategy and design to develop brands that connect on an emotional level. Whether we’re envisioning, nurturing, or revitalizing a brand, we always start by building a strategic foundation – a strong character that’s authentic, compelling and above all, stands for something.

Brand Engagements

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Launch
  • Brand Consulting


  • Brand Audits and Competitive Research
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research
  • Brand Positioning and Strategy
  • Brand Naming and Story
  • Brand Identity and Visual Language
  • Brand Standards
  • Packaging Design
  • Communication Design
  • Retail, Trade-Show and Environment Design

Like a person, a brand has a life. It has a birth. It has a name. It has a personality, a look, a voice, and distinct characteristics. It communicates. As it grows, it needs to be cared for, not neglected.


Catalyzing and supporting innovation is what we are compelled to do.

As the world advances faster than ever before, the saying “innovate or die” has never been more applicable. Organizations of all shapes and sizes now recognize the need to innovate, but not all possess the experience or processes required to galvanize their efforts.

Using various tools and practices, we not only help our clients identify the potential for innovation, but we also guide them through the innovation process itself. Acting as catalysts and coaches, we collaborate with our clients to ignite initiatives and establish structure. We use facilitation, process design, and diagnostic tools – such as our Innovation Dashboard – to identify and maximize key opportunities.

Innovation Engagements

  • Business Innovation
  • Product / Process / Services Innovation
  • Experience Innovation
  • Innovation Workshops & Coaching


  • Design Research (Ethnographic Style)
  • Data / Video Capture and Synthesis
  • Journey / Customer Experience Mapping
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Innovation Coaching
  • Corporate Visioning
  • Business Model Design
  • Product and Service Ideation
  • Prototyping

Innovation Dashboard

Organizational Innovation

Business Model
The way you create value through converting offerings into revenue.
Partners and Network
The way you capitalize on your partners’ strengths and assets.
The way you organize your people and assets.


The way your offerings perform individually or as part of a system.
The way you operate or produce your offerings.
The way you support and enhance the value of your offerings.

Engagement Innovation

The way you represent your business and offerings.
The way you deliver your offerings to customers and users.
Customer Experience
The way you create compelling customer or user engagements.