Creative Intelligence and Design Thinking

Creative intelligence and design thinking hold the keys to innovation, and are more relevant today than ever before.

Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence is a framework for understanding levels of creative capacity.

Creative intelligence (CI) exists on a continuum within individuals, teams and organizations. It’s a concept that has helped us define the optimal conditions for innovation – a synergy of creative individuals moving up the creative intelligence scale, functioning within creative teams, and collaborating in a creative organization with a culture of perpetual learning. We’ve known for a long time that harnessing and managing creativity in business is essential for generating breakthrough ideas and we continue to base our practices, tools and techniques on the CI model.

  • Individual

    How creative are you? Do you generate ideas that shift the paradigm?

  • Team

    How creative is your group? Are hearts and heads connected?

  • Organization

    How creative is your company? Product, customer or culturally focused?

  • Creative Intelligence Model

    A. Individual
    B. Team
    C. Organization

Design Thinking

Design thinking is the human-centred approach that fuels innovation.

Design thinking puts people at the centre of problem solving, embracing a more human-centric, emphatic approach. Rather than using a linear process, it alternates between divergent and convergent thinking, taking desirability, feasibility and viability into consideration.

Design thinking is garnering tremendous attention in the worlds of business and education due to its critical role in innovation. At its core, design thinking is about solving problems through the design process, and possessing a design mindset. It’s also rooted in a culture of learning through experimentation, iteration, prototyping, and even failure. Becoming an expert in design thinking can be a challenge, but skills can be sharpened, and collaborating with other design thinkers can maximize potential.