Giving the brightest new minds in business and design an opportunity to gain experience on projects that matter.

Business and Design Internship

Exposing emerging talent to the incredible world of design has become one of the most fulfilling aspects of our work at Dossier. Over our many years in the industry, we’ve maintained our commitment to mentoring students, which materialized in a unique apprenticeship program that’s become so much more than we could have ever imagined.

visit: railyardlab.com

With a strong belief in the amazing potential of combining young business and design mindsets, we collaborated with a select group of up-and-coming students to launch Railyard – an intern-powered studio. Railyard provides an immersive work experience where business and design students can collaborate on real projects with real impact.

Cultivating a new generation that drives business and social innovation is both an exciting and important part of what we do.

Railyard needs support from the design and business communities to continue to thrive. If the prospect of nurturing some of the brightest young minds in your industry excites you, we’d love for you to get involved. You can hire Railyard for your next project, or become a mentor or sponsor. To learn more, contact us.

Information on applying can be found here.